The Pickatale story

Pickatale story started back in 2013. Knowing that children today grow up with digital devices, it's natural for parents and teachers to use apps for educational purposes. There are so many mobile apps intended for children, but we realized there's one important problem. These apps are addictive and without any real educational value to improve children's reading and language learning skills.

We wanted to help children develop a love of reading. In the course of the years, Pickatale now features 1000+ interactive children’s books in our app on English, Norwegian, Danish, Swedish and Chinese. We are paying special attention to each and every book released and we take pride in the knowing that both, the parents and children will enjoy the experience.

Always on the lookout for talented individuals, we bring together the work of authors, illustrators, narrators and translators from all over the globe, sewing them seamlessly together into unique pieces of our own and delivering them to children all around the world through the library apps. Our books are to a child what art galleries are to an adult: a collection of masterpieces, finely curated by our dedicated team of professionals.


Our mission is to create an absolute digital reading platform for young children utilizing today's technology in order to learn new languages.


Transforming young childhood education through the power of technology.

The parent company behind Pickatale is Wisdom Edition AS. It was founded in January 2013 in Norway. Today our family counts over 90 employees with offices based in Beijing, Shanghai and Skopje.

During the years we have developed successful partnerships with content owners, including the Walt Disney Company and BabyFirst. These co-developed projects include co-branded library apps for China and Global markets, and premium offerings in Pickatale's library app.

What's next

Pickatale v2.0 is an adaptive learning system developed to assist parents and teachers with personalized lesson plans to teach English through a variety of books, games, media and assessments. Parents and teachers will get access to comprehensive reporting and recommendations that improve the learning process. It is scheduled to launch in Q2 2017 and will become a digital platform for media & learning app distribution globally.

While the company focuses on new technology development and extending into new markets such as USA and Europe, the Chinese joint venture, Qudu Edu has built a substantial distribution network in China. Over 10.000 schools and 12.000 kindergartens started using the Pickatale app as well as some of our other products. The major products developed for the Chinese market is an interactive wall for schools that teaches children English language. The technology comes with a Touch and Read Pen that makes learning a new language more entertaining for the younger students and enhances the classroom experience.

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